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Plaza Volunteer Rescue Squad is one of ten all-volunteer rescue squads in the City of Virginia Beach. Our squad responds to any emergency medical dispatch within the 248 square miles of our city limits. We serve approximately 440,484 citizens who live in our city as well as the tens of thousands from other cities who work or visit every day and the nearly 6 million overnight tourists who visit our city annually. We currently have approximately 86 operational members who run a minimum of four 12-hour duties per month. In addition, we have approximately 12 administrative members who assist with the day to day operations of the building and the organization.

Plaza Volunteer Rescue Squad is located in the center of the city and the Rose Hall Election District. Our ambulances have quick access to the I-264 interchange making our squad a valuable resource within the city due to its easy accessibility to other areas within our city.​

Plaza Volunteer Rescue Squad currently owns 4 heavy-duty fully-equipped advanced life support ambulances and we will add a fifth ambulance by year's end to handle our increased call volume. Our members staff at least one ambulance, but often as many as three, during a single shift, 24 hours a day, every single day of the year, regardless of weather. Our crews in 2013 responded to over 5,000 calls or approximately 8% of the 39,000 calls dispatched city-wide. The real impact of our members' service is actually greater, as our members are routinely deployed to other rescue squads to backfill if they have staffing issues.

Plaza Volunteer Squad owns 1 Heavy Duty Technical Rescue Truck that, while not a transport unit, responds to calls for service involving hazardous rescues or vehicle entrapments. Our members serving on this elite volunteer team provide their standard four 12-hour shifts on our ambulances, undergo additional training and still staffed this unit 119 days in 2013.

In 2013, Plaza members assisted with approximately 1500 advanced life support calls throughout the city. Our members participated in approximately 371 calls where the primary impression had to do with some type of cardiac origin. As a team, they worked 30 confirmed cardiac arrests. Again, these numbers only reflect calls where our ambulances were dispatched and do not include many other incidents where our volunteers were staffing other stations to augment staffing.

Our members embrace continuing education, through group training at the station and at training events held throughout the state. Our members mentor new volunteers throughout the city, serving as instructors, proctors and training officers. Our members stay up-to-date and learn some of the newest methods of providing the best patient care to our community and constantly follow emerging trends in the field of pre-hospital emergency care.​​