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Plaza Volunteer Rescue Squad extends our thank you to the individuals and businesses that help us perform our duties on a daily basis. The following is list of companies that have helped us recently to maintain our operations. If you or your business is interested in helping PVRS maintain our membership, facilities and equipment, feel free to contact us at We are a 501(c)(3) Organization where we do not collect for profit and no one in the organization receives monetary compensation. The only compensation that our members receive is comfort in the fact that they have made a positive difference in their community.

​London Bridge Trading

Provides bag repair for medical bags that are used on every call we go on.


Provides cars and a location for members of Squad 16 to train.

​Martin's Auto Body Works

Martins Autobody Works.png 

Provides logisitic support for getting cars to our training location.

​Kempsville Building Materials​

KempsvilleLumberLogo.jpgProvided Lumber and expertise for equiping Squad 16 with new cribbing and step chocks. These are crutial pieces of equipment for keeping patients and providers safe while operating in a vehicle extrication.