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Original Station 16 

Our squad grew out of the organization that was originally established as the Lynnhaven Volunteer Fire Co. in February, 1962 by 23 men of the Bow Creek Presbyterian Church.  The Fire Company was located in the Borough of Lynnhaven and County of Princess Anne.  The streets were unpaved, dirty and muddy. The Fire Company incorporated in April 1962, but was still a fire company in name only as there was no fire equipment yet.

In late 1962, the members voted to change the name to the Plaza Volunteer Fire Company so as to not cause confusion with the London Bridge and Oceana Fire Companies who also served part of the Borough of Lynnhaven.  In March 1963, the first fire truck, a 1946 Ford Maxim 500 GPM pumper was purchased for $500.00 and was parked in the driveway of the Fire Chief on Appian Avenue.  Although the Fire Company had begun to obtain some equipment, they still had no building in which to place it. In April 1963, a second truck, a 1938 GMC with a skid pump was obtained and parked in another member's driveway.

Soon thereafter, Mr. John Aragona gave permission to clear and survey a parcel of land on the west side of Rosemont Road (presently Silina Drive/Rosemont Road intersection). In Mayof 1963, clearing and surveying had been completed and in mid-September of the same year, the first building to house the Plaza Volunteer Fire Company was completed. In June of 1963, a GMC step van was added to the equipment inventory and was outfitted with special rescue and salvage equipment.

In 1965, after a rise in rescue calls, the membership turned their attention to First Aid training and purchased their first ambulance, a 6 year old Cadillac. This was placed into service in August, 1965.

In 1966, another fire truck, a 1957 GMC 750 GPM pumper, was purchased and placed into service. Later in the year, Mr. Linberry in association with Mr. John Aragona deeded the city property on South Plaza Trail for a new fire house.

In 1967, a new 1967 International ambulance was purchased and placed in service. The members voted to change the name of the company to the Plaza Volunteer Fire Company and Rescue Squad and moved into their new quarters on South Plaza Trail, complete with a brass fire pole.